Latest Updates:

As of January 2023
      • New Menu!

      • Lunch Buffet is CLOSED until further notice.

          • WHY? With inflation rising above 7% and the cost of materials rising unpredictably, we are not able to open the buffet without raising the price from $8.99 to $14 just to break-even.
      • Dine-in is open with reservation only

          • *Must be fully vaccinated in order to dine-in*
          • please call ahead to inform us
      • Customers are required to wear a mask when inside unless eating

- We prefer that you Order Online using our website: www.clover.com/online-ordering/palsindiancuisine
      • this way we're not giving away a portion of our profits, it comes directly to us :)

- Delivery service is available through our third-party affiliates here: Delivery
      • you may request contact-free delivery on their respective sites/apps

Allergies or Dietary Restrictions:

Please make sure to SPECIFY your dietary substitution/restriction.

We keep our ingredients separate, but don't assume something will be made vegan or nut-free automatically if not specified when ordering.

  1. VEGAN: any option with an asterisk (*) can be made vegan; must inform us to substitute ingredients

  2. Bell Peppers (capsicum): just ask, or add in the instructions if you'd like to avoid it.

    • Following items contain bell peppers: Chicken/Lamb/Goat/Shrimp Masala Tikka, Daal Masala, Masala Chana, Chili Paneer/Chicken, Paneer Masala, All Tandoori Dishes

  3. CILANTRO: just ask, or add in the instructions if you'd like to avoid it

  4. COCONUT: we don't cook with anything that contains coconut

  5. DAIRY-FREE (LACTOSE INTOLERANT): Following are/can be dairy-free:

      • All vegan dishes, any biryanis, any dishes with Vindaloo, Curry, or Spinach sauce, Seekh Kebab

  6. EGGS:

    • Following contain eggs: chicken nuggets, onion rings, chili chicken, chili paneer, meatball curry

    • We don't use eggs in any of our main menu dishes

  7. Fruit Allergies: we only use the following fruits, no other fruits are used

    • Grapes: all the Korma dishes, and Veggie Pasanda

      • Raisins: Kheer, Gajar Ka Halwa

    • Mango: Mango Kulfi, Mango Lassi

  8. GLUTEN-FREE: excluding the items listed below everything else is Gluten Free

    • Any Naan/Roti, Samosa, Chilli Paneer, Chili Chicken, Chicken Nuggets, Onion Rings, Gulab Jamun

  9. HALAL: all chicken, lamb, and goat dishes can be made with halal meat for a $1 extra charge

  10. NUTS: peanut butter, cashews and pistachios are used in the following

    • Peanuts - Murg Tikka contains peanut butter

    • Cashews - Murg Malai Tikka, all of the Korma sauces, Veggie Pasanda

    • Pistachios - Kesar Kulfi

  11. Root Vegetables:

    • EVERY dish contains either onion, ginger or garlic

    • We currently do not serve any Jain Diet food

  12. Seafood Allergies:

    • We only use jumbo shrimp/prawn for our dishes

    • Currently, no other type of seafood (fish) is used

  13. SOY:

    • We don't serve tofu products

    • Soy sauce is used in Chili Paneer, Chili Chicken, and Veggie Manchurian

    • Soybean Oil is used in all dishes: Although highly refined soybean oil is considered safe for those allergic to soy, we advise you to judge from your personal experience whether safe for you

Discounts / Specials:

  • There are no off the menu items, we only serve what's listed on the menu

      • we only serve by the order, there are no half orders, or different sizes

  • Currently, there are no promo offers

      • for any third-party coupons, please contact them directly

      • we do not have any "discount code" for delivery orders

      • you cannot get cash back for any coupons

New Location:

2887 28th Street SE, Kentwood, MI 49512

  • Located by the Woodland Mall, right across the Burger King, next to Long John Silvers

  • At the end of the same building

      • just turn left

      • it's the one with the black railing on the outside

      • next to Long John Silver and across Burger King